Explosion Proof / Hazardous Environment

Over the last 55 years Electro-Steam has continued to supply quality American made steam generators to an ever widening list of applications. Electro-Steam is very proud to offer another series of generators.

Electro-Steam is now offering its line of Explosion Proof / Hazardous Environment generators for any application or process that requires steam in hazardous areas. We have provided offshore oil rigs, platforms and refineries worldwide from the Gulf of Mexico to the oil fields of Russia and the Middle East with steam generators to facilitate a less labor intensive way to de-gas and clean vessels and storage units. Hot dry steam cleans the oil, paraffins, and other contaminants from these vessels faster and safer than dangerous, manual entry cleaning methods.
Electro-Steam has also provided Explosion Proof Steam Generators to Distilleries, Grain Processors, Mills and other such companies throughout the world that require process steam while maintaining the safest possible working environment for their employees and property alike.

Our Explosion Proof Hazardous Environment Steam Generators are available from 40 kw to 240 kw in every voltage 208v and above either foreign or domestic. Please call or click on Request a Quote for any questions that you may have for our knowledgeable sales staff.

All units below are available in 316L stainless steel.

lg_40-60_exp_7 LB-Series 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 or 240 kw 0-100 Psi