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Industrial Electric Steam Generators Guide

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Electric-fired industrial steam generators create steam from heating clean water using efficient submersive heating elements in a vessel capable of being pressurized. Various industries rely on steam generators for humidification, cleaning, sanitation, and process heating. Electric steam generators offer a safe and easy solution for various applications. Here we will explore steam generators, their applications, and their benefits to help you select the ideal solution.

Industrial Electric Steam Generators: How They Work

Electric Steam GeneratorElectric steam generators capture heat energy released during the element’s heating cycle and convert it into a usable energy resource. Heat for steam generation can be produced as a byproduct of industrial processes or intentionally to produce usable energy. 

While a direct heat source—such as a fuel-fired boiler—creates steam that is typically unclean, steam generators using electricity as a heat source create steam that is not contaminated and is suitable for direct contact applications, for example, in autoclaves for moist heat sterilization. Most electric boilers or steam generators use three-phase electricity to heat clean water to create usable steam by boiling water under pressure. Some other steam generators such as steam-to-steam units may use an existing “dirty” steam source and circulate it through heat exchangers that can be constructed in a variety of configurations, but the principle is the same.

Why Steam Generators Are Better Than Steam Boilers
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Industrial Steam Generators Applications

The following applications depend on steam generators to provide clean steam:

  • Steam Rooms / Baths / Showers: Steam is known for its therapeutic benefits. Showers, baths, and steam rooms equipped with steam generators create a relaxing guest experience at resorts, spas, and fitness clubs.
  • Sterilizations: Steam is often used for disinfecting and sterilizing equipment in the health and medical industry, providing a heat source for autoclaves, bioreactors, and others. These types of units are used in hospitals, pharmaceutical production, and laboratories.
  • Winemaking: Wine is sensitive to contamination that can alter the product’s taste. Winemakers depend on steam generators to sanitize barrels, bottling units, and other tools to ensure the wine is not affected by contamination.
  • Brewery Steam: Small breweries like pubs and micro-breweries rely on steam generators to produce low-pressure steam. Steam is a controllable heat source for brewing or sanitizing lines, tools, and hoses.
  • Food Service: Steam generators can heat tilt skillets, jacketed steam kettles, proof boxes, and ovens in industrial kitchens. Steam is also useful for cleaning and sanitizing appliances and tools.
  • Humidification: Steam generators can humidify offices and hospitals, assist in concrete curing, or aid in adding moisture to adhesive products for stabilization.
  • Medical Steam: Steam is used extensively in the medical industry. Steam generators provide an efficient solution for various applications, from autoclaves and sanitization to adjusting air humidity levels.
  • Pharmaceutical Clean Steam: Applications like pharmaceutical production require clean steam generation for humidification, sanitization, and other processes.
  • Process Steam: Steam generators in industrial processes are low-cost, low-toxicity, easy to transport and install, and require less regulation, making them ideal for all point-of-use steam applications.
  • Phosphating and Pretreatment of Metal Surfaces: Steam generators can pre-clean and iron-phosphate metal substrates to make the surface clean and smooth and provide better adhesion for powder coating, paint, and other finishes.
  • Custom Requirements: Industrial steam generators are ideal for various custom projects, such as cleaning offshore rigs; unloading molasses, paraffin waxes, and viscous oils from trucks and railcars; sterilizing mushroom growing media; bending wood for furniture or instrument making; and many other applications.

Industrial Steam Generators Benefits

Steam generators have a compact, easy-to-use design and are an excellent solution for creating steam on demand in the location where it is needed. They can replace complex, large steam boilers or auxiliary fuel-fired boiler applications. While steam generators do not offer the maximum capacity of fuel-fired boilers, steam generators are ideal for creating dry steam for point-of-use applications.

Steam generators offer the following benefits:

  • Low-cost
  • Fast and easy startup
  • Energy-efficient
  • Portable
  • Safe

Steam Generators From Electro-Steam

Steam generators create clean and efficient steam from often unclean heat sources using a heat exchanger. Various applications rely on industrial steam generators, such as those in the garment care, medical, and brewing industries. Steam generators are an affordable, energy-efficient, and safe solution for point-of-use steam generation applications.

At Electro-Steam, each of our steam generators (except for the Hawk Series) is fabricated by an ASME-certified welder in compliance with ASME BPVC Section I – Rules for Construction of Power Boilers. Our generators also adhere to the National Board Synopsis of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Laws, Rules, and Regulations (NB-307) Rules for Construction and Stamping Section, which include ASME BPVC Section I, ASME B31.1, ASME CSD-1, and registration with the National Board.

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