Electro-Steam LB Series Steam Generators Specifically Designed for Pre-Cleaning & Iron Phosphating Metal Surfaces Prior to Powder Coating or Paint Applications

Electro-Steam Generator Corporation, an industry leading manufacturer of electric, dry steam generators for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, has announced availability of its comprehensive line of LB Series Steam Generators for the coatings industry.

Iron phosphating prevents the spread of undercoat corrosion, and the LB Series steam units are specifically designed for pre-cleaning and iron phosphating (conversion coating) of metal surfaces prior to powder coating or paint. The LB Series is available in nine models and the size of parts to be cleaned and the volume of production will determine the applicable model.

LB Electro-Steam Generators use approximately 25% less chemicals than a high pressure fossil fuel fired washer while using the LEAST amount of water and creating the LEAST amount of liquid effluent (waste water) of any manual cleaning system.

Every Electro-Steam model is built in accordance with ASME, UL, and Canadian UL Standards as well as National Board of PVI shop inspected. All Electro-Steam units feature stainless steel cabinets, and will provide ready-to-use steam or steam with chemicals on demand within only minutes of startup.

All LB Series models come with a one year warranty on all parts and a five year warranty on the Pressure Chamber.

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