Standard Features:
  • Built in accordance with A.S.M.E. Miniature Boiler Code
  • A.S.M.E. CSD-1 Compliant
  • UL Listed and labeled under UL 834
  • Dual Pressure Controls (UL 353)
  • High Pressure Safety Reset. (UL 353)
  • Low Level Cut-Off (LLCO) (UL 353)
  • 15 psi Safety Relief Valve (A.S.M.E. Section I - V-Stamp)
Included Options (Standard for SteamBaths):
  • Steam Solenoid (Steam Outlet)
  • Temperature Control (Thermostat)
  • Diffuser Nozzle
Recommended Options (Non-Standard):
  • Spare Parts Package
  • Motorized Automatic Flush and Drain (MAFD)
  • Single Service Transformer
  • 5-Micron Water Filter
Unit of Measure



N/A Electro-Steam™

Electrical Power Rating

N/A 25 kW
Power Supply Voltage1 N/A 208 VAC230 VAC380 VAC415 VAC440 VAC480 VAC600 VAC
Phase2 N/A 3


N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Boiler Horse Power

N/A 2.50 bhp
Steam Capacity3 N/A 86.25 lb/hr39.12 kg/h

Water Consumption

N/A 10.34 gal/h39.12 L/h

Gross British Thermal Units (BTU) Output

N/A 83688 Btu/hr

Maximum Boiler Pressure

N/A 15 psi

Operating Pressure (Factory Set at 11 Pound per Square Inch (psi))

N/A 0 to 11 psi

Maximum Boiler Capacity

N/A 6 gal

Boiler Fill Capacity

N/A 4.20 gal
Boiler Material4 N/A Carbon Steel

Cabinet Material

N/A 304 Stainless Steel

Plumbing Material

N/A Brass (Schedule 40) Carbon Steel (Schedule 40)

Industry Standards

N/A American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) - Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) - CSD-1 Canadian Underwriters Laboratories (cUL) Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 834


Amperage at 208 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 69.40 A

Amperage at 240 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 65.50 A

Amperage at 380 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 38.00 A

Amperage at 415 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 34.80 A

Amperage at 440 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 32.80 A

Amperage at 480 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 30.10 A

Amperage at 600 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 24.00 A


Overall Height

N/A 24 in

Overall Length

N/A 27 in

Width (No Options Included)

N/A 23 in

Width (Motorized Automatic Flush and Drain (MAFD) Option Included)

N/A 26 in

Width (Single Service Transformer Option Included)

N/A 28 in

Width (Motorized Automatic Flush and Drain (MAFD) & Single Service Transformer Options Both Included)

N/A 31 in

Minimum Clearance

Total Height

N/A 31 in

Total Length

N/A 49 in

Total Width

N/A 42 in

Plumbing Connection Sizes

Water Inlet

N/A 3/8" NPT (National Pipe Thread) (Female) - Y-Strainer, Brass

Steam Outlet

N/A 3/8" NPT (National Pipe Thread) (Female) - Steam Solenoid, Brass

Safety Valve

N/A 3/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread) (Female) - Safety Valve, Brass


N/A 3/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread) (Female) - Ball Valve, Brass

Additional Drain (Motorized Automatic Flush and Drain (MAFD) Option Included)

N/A 3/4" NPT (National Pipe Thread) (Female) - Motorized Valve, Brass

Included Options

Steam Solenoid (Steam Outlet)

N/A Supplied standard on all SteamBath models, the Steam Solenoid controls the flow of steam from the steam generator into a room or area (most commonly a steam room). This Normally Closed (NC), 120 VAC, 3/8" NPT, Brass Steam Solenoid opens when it receives 120 VAC from the Temperature Control.

Temperature Control (Thermostat)

N/A Supplied standard on all SteamBath models, the Temperature Control measures and maintains the temperature of a room or area (most commonly a steam room) by electronically controlling the Steam Solenoid. This Option is supplied standard with all SteamBath Models.

Diffuser Nozzle

N/A Supplied standard on all SteamBath models, the Diffuser Nozzle is a Slotted Stainless Steel Pipe Cap. Diffuser Nozzle has a 1/2" Female NPT connection and the flat fan shaped steam jet leaves the nozzle at 90º. This Option is supplied standard with all SteamBath Models.


Spare Parts Package Includes

  • 18-Month Warranty (12-Month Standard)
  • (2) Electric Heaters and (2) Heater Gaskets
  • (2) Sight Glass Tubes and (4) Washers
  • (1) Pressure Control
  • (1) Contactor

Motorized Automatic Flush and Drain (MAFD)

N/A During Start-Up before steam pressure is accumulated, the Motorized Automatic Flush and Drain option cycles fresh water through the boiler for 0-300 seconds (Factory set for 180 seconds or three (3) minutes). As old water is drained out, fresh water will be cycled in. This drain valve will not open if boiler pressure exceeds 5 psi, and the electric heaters are locked out during flush cycle.

Single Service Transformer

N/A Supplied standard with all portable steam generators, the Single Service Transformer steps down the primary high voltage to provide 120 VAC Single Phase (1Ø) to the controls; with this option, only the one (1) primary high voltage supply is required.

5-Micron Water Filter

N/A 2-stage, 5-micron water filter installed into incoming water line to reduce sediment, dirt, rust, chlorine, and even odor from incoming water supply.
Manual Low Water Reset5 N/A Manual Low Water Reset trips if the electric heaters shut-off because of a low water condition. Reset must be manually pressed to resume steam production.

Water Feed Booster Pump

N/A The minimum requirement for your water pressure is the operating pressure +25 psi; if your water pressure is below this requirement, this option must be added. The Water Feed Booster Pump increases your incoming water pressure to overcome the operating pressure of the steam generator. The Pump requires a 5-80 psi water supply with a minimum flow rate of 2 gpm.

More Options

Dual Room Controls

N/A Dual Room Controls provides the means to independently measure and maintain the temperature of a two (2) separate rooms or areas (most commonly a men’s and a women's steam room) With this option, two (2) Steam Solenoids, two (2) Temperature Controls, and two (2) Diffuser Nozzles are supplied.
  • 1 Each Electro-Steam™ electric steam generator requires two (2) power supplies: One (1) primary high voltage supply and one (1) secondary 120 VAC 1Ø, 50/60 Hz supply. Each generator is custom built to accommodate only one (1) customer specific high voltage supply for the heaters. 120 VAC 1Ø, 50/60 Hz must also be supplied for the controls, unless the Single Service Transformer option is added.
  • 2 Three Phase (3Ø) primary high voltage is standard, but steam generators with a power rating of 30kW or lower are also available in Single Phase (1Ø) upon request.
  • 3 Calculations are based off of a 212 °F boiler feed-water temperature. Boiler feed-water temperatures that range between 60 °F and 140 °F, are approximately 80% to 90% of the calculated values shown. Boiler feed-water must not exceed 140 °F.
  • 4 Wetted Surface.
  • 5 Manual Low Water Reset is supplied standard with every boiler, but it is not hooked up. If this reset is required as per your local boiler codes, simply plug the two attached wires into the PC-Board terminals labeled "Reset".