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  1. How Steam Has Become a Popular Way to Sanitize Food Processing Equipment

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    Dry steam sanitizing is a widely used cleaning method for a wide range of food and beverage applications. Commercial steam cleaning for food processing equipment is versatile and efficient, offering many benefits for companies across the food supply chain.

    Here we’ll look at food safety challenges and how dry steam sanitizing can help meet them.

    Challenges of Meeting Food Safety Standards

    The 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) sets requirements for sanitization and food safety best practices in food processing and related facilities. While cleanliness and response to foodborne illness outbreaks have always been emphasized, prevention of foodborne illness is the major priority of this legislation.

    As a result, food growers, manufacturers, producers, packagers, and transporters must do all they can to protect their products from pathogens. This is in addition to keeping equipment and facilities clean from oils and grease, food residues, insects, and allergens to avoid contamination.

    cookies on conveyor beltFood processing and manufacturing facilities, such as confectionaries, bakeries, commercial kitchens, beverage producers, and canneries, must maintain clean, sanitary equipment which is traditionally time-consuming and risks damage to equipment and injury to workers. Cleaning and sanitizing is often a multi-step process that may involve taking equipment offline, disassembling conveyors and machinery, and using intensive washing, scraping, brushing, and vacuuming techniques. Then, components must be dried and reassembled before production resumes.

    How Dry Steam Mitigates Those Challenges

    To keep up with the strict requirements of the FSMA, many facilities turn to dry steam sanitization. Unlike water or wet steam, such as the steam produced during cooking, dry steam is slightly superheated so that it contains less than 10% moisture content.

    A dry steam generator produces hot-dry steam, which is sprayed at high pressures and temperatures on and into equipment to clean and sanitize it quickly without chemicals, or in some cases, disassembly. As the steam evaporates, it leaves little to no moisture behind so that surfaces are clean, dry, and ready to be used again, much faster than traditional methods.

    Dry steam can be used for applications like:

    • Degreasing oils and fats
    • Sanitizing multiple surfaces, floors, conveyor belts, and food equipment
    • Killing pathogens including listeria and E.coli
    • Killing molds
    • Cleaning and removing residues and traces of ingredients

    There are many benefits of steam sanitization. It is especially useful in settings where equipment, ingredients, and products must stay dry like bakeries, dry and powdered ingredient processing facilities, and packaging operations. Steam reaches areas inside and around equipment that are difficult to clean with other methods. Dry steam cleaning also reduces the time for drying and reassembling equipment so it can be brought back online quickly.

    Our Steam Generators for Food Processing Cleaning

    At Electro-Steam, we manufacture multiple types of steam sanitization systems for use across the food and beverage industry. Options include:

    Eagle Series Dry Steam Cleaners

    Our Eagle Series Dry Steam Cleaners are portable and have an operating pressure of 5 to 160 psi. All models include:

    • Dual pressure controls (UL 353 compliant)
    • Low level cut-off (LLCO) (UL 353 compliant)
    • Safety relief valve with ASME V mark (built by an ASME-certified manufacturer)
    • A steam gun/20-foot hose combo and a 52-tool accessories kit are included with every unit

    Steam Master Series by Menikini

    Menikini Steam MasterThe Steam Master by Menikini series is European Conformity (EC) compliant and has an operating pressure of 145 psi. Additional features are:

    • Automatic pressure control
    • Low level cut-off (LLCO) with alarm
    • Solution/detergent tank
    • Adjustable temperature regulator
    • 12 Bbr (174 psi) safety relief valve
    • A steam gun/20-foot hose combo and a 52-tool accessories kit are included with every Steam Master

    Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems

    Electro-Steam’s fully automated or robotic conveyor belt cleaning systems simplify the process of cleaning and sanitizing conveyor belts without chemicals and without dismantling the belt systems. These systems use FDA-approved materials that can clean vinyl, mesh, and plastic conveyor belts to meet the highest industry standards. They also utilize much less water than traditional cleaning methods, saving facilities between 95%-99% of their normal water allocation for conveyor belt sanitizing.

    Learn More About Steam Sanitization for Food Processing

    Steam sanitization is an efficient, trusted method for cleaning and sanitizing equipment while ensuring food safety. Using the right equipment from Electro-Steam for your operations saves time, money, and labor while complying with industry regulations.

    Our expert team can help you select the ideal solution for your facility and application. Contact us today to learn more about our dry steam solutions.