As part of your company’s overall sustainability efforts to reduce hazardous waste and conserve water usage while reducing waste water discharge, Eagle Series Dry Steam Vapor Models are seen as green and eco-friendly. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, the Eagle Series cleans without harmful, toxic chemicals by killing all types of bacteria and pathogens through the latent heat produced through dry steam vapor. Use of caustic chemicals and disinfectants may be harmful if they are inhaled or come into contact with the skin. Chemicals are also expensive, often carelessly mixed, and affect b.o.d.’s and oxygen amounts needed to break down effluents. Eagle Series units are also known for their ability to drastically reduce the amount of water used to clean and sanitize, further reducing waste water discharge. As an added benefit, use of dry steam vapor minimizes the amount of water on the floor and possible resulting accidents. As opposed to traditional cleaning methods, Eagle Series Cleaners use quarts of water per hour as opposed to gallons per minute – saving vast amounts of money and helping to meet key sustainability targets.