Menikini is the largest producer of steam generators in Italy and an international leader in dry steam cleaning. Our steam generators and cleaners represent the top for industrial and professional applications and are available in different configurations.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art dry steam technology, since 1977 we have been helping businesses achieve the highest level of cleanliness and sanitizing possible.

Electro-Steam’s expertise in research and development has allowed the company to take advantage of the potential of steam cleaning while maintaining the maximum level of safety for the operators.


Why choose Menikini steam cleaners?

Menikini Steam Master

  • Menikini generators are a true product of Italian craftsmanship and quality, and worthy of the “Made in Italy” label.
  • Menikini helps with worldwide assistance available to all customers. Our main distributors are equipped with an extremely knowledgeable and certified team of technicians ready to assist you with any questions or needs you may have.
  • Saturated dry steam is a completely green technology that makes environmentally friendly sanitizing possible without using harsh chemicals and without leaving an unsanitary residue.
  • Steam technology gets excellent cleaning and sanitizing results saving up to 100 times in washing water, significantly contributing to its conservation.
  • High temperature instantly kills all germs, bedbugs, bacteria, mold and mildew.