Wine Making / Bottling

Every respectable winemaker knows that any substance—including minute residues or bacterial buildup—that comes into contact with the winery equipment will affect the flavor of the wine produced. To combat this issue, wineries employ several cleaning methods to cleanse and sanitize their tools, machines, and facilities, including steam cleaning. A winery steam cleaner, also referred to as a steam generator, offers a safe and effective solution to cleaning wine making and bottling equipment.


Winery Steam Cleaners

The conditions in a winery, including humidity, high sugar content, and warm temperatures, facilitate the growth of microorganisms. Regular sanitizing and sterilizing operations are crucial to removing bacteria and other organisms from the wine barrels, stainless tanks, bottling lines, and other winery equipment to protect the final product.

LG wine bottling line

LG Model used for mobile bottling lines. Image courtesy of 4D Machine Company

Employing steam cleaners for these operations allows for a deeper clean, as the hot, dry steam they produce reaches beyond the surface of the equipment to deliver a more thorough cleansing and sanitizing. The high temperature and quick condensation eliminate the need for chemicals, while the steam cleaning process, in general, uses much less water than traditional washing. These qualities make it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly compared to other cleaning and sanitizing methods.

Why Steam Cleaning Is the Superior Method

The high heat and saturation levels of steam make it a natural and effective sanitizer. While heat has inherent sanitizing properties, the addition of saturated vapor enables steam cleaners to penetrate deeper than heat cleaning methods alone. Steam cleaning also allows for the cleaning of areas that are inaccessible by chemicals or boiling water.

Diffusing evenly throughout a system and without the force of gravity countering it, steam is highly effective and efficient at sterilizing wine bottling lines. Additionally, it kills microorganisms and melts away any residues and tartrates. These substances are swept away with the condensation that forms as the steam cools and drained out the bottom of the barrel or tank, leaving cleaned and sanitized surfaces.

Steam cleaners, especially dry steam vapor cleaners, offer a green and cost-efficient cleansing and sanitizing solution that is more effective than aggressive water or chemical cleaning methods.

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