Dry steam holds almost no moisture because it doesn’t contain suspended water particles while it’s at the temperature of saturation. This makes dry steam useful for a wide variety of cleaning applications in environments that can’t handle water. For example, boilers and heat exchangers are vulnerable to corrosion and deposition if they interact with standard wet steam. Dry steam is less than 0.5% moisture, making it the ideal choice for cleaning these types of systems.

Dry steam cleaners use dry steam, which can feel cool to the touch due to the low saturation level. High-temperature dry steam cleaners typically only have 5-6% moisture content in the steam.

Commercial Cleaning with Dry Steam

Commercial Cleaning with Dry Steam

Many industries incorporate dry steam cleaning into their operation or hire third-party dry steam cleaners to clean their facilities. At Electro-Steam, we serve a wide variety of industries with our high-quality dry steam cleaners. Some of these include:

  • Food processing. Commercial food processing facilities must maintain the highest cleanliness standards to comply with regulations from the FDA, USDA, and other state and federal agencies. The heat applied during the dry steam cleaning process is highly effective at killing pathogenic bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli (E. coli), and salmonella from surfaces and within equipment. The process also kills insect infestations and removes grease buildup on walls and ceilings, as well as within vents, dryers, and equipment.

Dry Steam in Food Processing

  • Car washes. Car wash facilities use dry steam cleaners to remove stains from car fabrics such as seat upholstery, flooring, and more. Not only do these cleaners remove stains without using much water or saturating the material, but they also work faster than extractors and other common alternatives. Steam cleaners offer thorough stain removal, no damage to fabric surfaces, and typically use only one gallon of water per wash.

Dry Steam in Car Washes

  • Commercial cleaning companies and contractors. Commercial buildings have many different surfaces that can’t be saturated with long-standing moisture. Dry steam cleaners quickly remove a variety of stains and leave these surfaces dry and ready to use. They can remove stains such as graffiti, gum, dirt, and oils. Operators can clean floors, walls, and ceilings, and they can thoroughly sanitize high-touch surfaces and bathrooms. This is ideal for environments with computer equipment or electrical systems because the dry steam won’t damage the components.

Dry Steam for Cleaning Companies and Contractors

  • HVAC. Regular cleaning is one of the most important preventative maintenance steps for HVAC systems and should be conducted regularly during scheduled preventative maintenance. System components ranging from coils to vents and ducting need to be regularly cleaned to allow airflow and prevent buildup. Dry steam cleaners remove mold and mildew from these systems so they don’t collect in the air.

Dry Steam Cleaning for HVAC

  • Kitchens. Commercial kitchens and industrial food processing centers need to maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Dry steam cleaners can sanitize spaces without using toxic chemicals, which is ideal for commercial kitchens that typically have a lot of varied equipment in confined spaces. Temperatures of 160° F can kill most pathogens, and Electro-Steam’s dry steam generators can create steam with temperatures of 240° F.

Dry Steam in Kitchens

  • Medical and pharmaceutical. Hospitals and clinics must maintain high standards of cleanliness. Dry steam cleaners can sanitize bedding, carpets, mattresses, and other soft materials. Dry steam will also sanitize hard surfaces like medical devices, supply carts, and trays. These cleaners also greatly reduce the risk of contamination in pharmaceutical processing plants and laboratories.

Dry Steam in Medical and Pharmaceutical

  • Wineries and breweries. Dry steam can effectively melt away any residues and tartrates from aging barrels and sanitize storage containers/tanks. Due to the steam’s heat, facilities don’t have to use toxic chemicals, which makes the vessels safer for food and drink preparation. This is especially true for wooden and porous containers that impart flavor.

Dry Steam in Wineries and Breweries

Typical applications of dry steam cleaners include:

  • Cleaning without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Sanitizing surfaces to remove mildew, mold, and pathogens

The Benefits of Using a Dry Steam Cleaner

Benefits of Using a Dry Steam Cleaner

There are many benefits to using dry steam cleaners to sanitize facilities, environments, tools, and surfaces. Here are the top five benefits for dry steam cleaning:

  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Refreshes surfaces to a like-new condition
  • Sanitizes surfaces by killing germs, mold, and viruses
  • Eliminates all common allergens
  • Removes pet odors

Dry Steam Cleaners from Electro-Steam

Electro-Steam is a leading provider of dry steam cleaners for industrial applications. We deliver high-performance tools so each of our clients has access to the cleaning power they need to meet industry standards or offer top-tier services. Our most popular models include:

Eagle Series and TruBlu Dry Steam Cleaners

dry steam cleaning for food processing belt

Critical cleaning applications need more power for a deeper, more penetrating clean that leaves underlying surfaces undamaged and dry. The Eagle Series TruBlu option is built to give operators more control. Each model has the capacity to generate hotter and drier steam vapor. This is ideal for materials that need higher levels of heat to get clean, are vulnerable to small traces of moisture that most dry steam cleaners add to the area, or both. TruBlu can be added to any of the 10kW to 60 kW models of Eagle Series dry steam cleaners.

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Electro-Steam provides high-performance dry steam cleaners ideal for use across multiple industries and applications. Browse through our standard models to find dry steam cleaners and tools that meet needs of your facility. If you can’t find the equipment you’re looking for, our team can build a custom solution to fit your needs.

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