On the packaging side of the food processing industry, sanitation of equipment and systems used to wrap, package, fill, can, bottle, and cap processed foods and related products is critical to preserving the integrity, edibility, and shelf life of the product being packaged.

Traditional cleaning involves several steps including manual cleaning with detergents and water followed by sanitizer through the application of a sanitizing agent like chlorine, iodophors, quaternary ammoniums, peracetic acids, and formaldehyde-based disinfectants – all of which require a fair amount of dwell time to work effectively.

Use of dry steam vapor simplifies this process since it cleans and sanitizes on contact with the added benefit of the items being cleaned and sanitized dry almost immediately due to the low moisture content of “dry” steam.

Eagle Series Dry Steam Cleaners make the process faster, far more efficient, cleaner, and more effective since each model is portable, has its own onboard water tank and boiler (no water hoses to attach), cleans without harmful, toxic chemicals, and uses a fraction of water used in traditional cleaning methods — important features to consider in hitting sustainability targets such as chemical and water reduction.

Typical Uses for Packaging

  • Clean and sanitize any stainless steel surface, inclusive of scale/sensor belts, rollers, sprockets, gaskets, racks and other equipment
  • Clean electrical control panels and other electrical parts
  • Clean and sanitize augar fillers
  • Clean and sanitize wrapping and cartoning equipment
  • Clean and sanitize capping machines
  • Clean ventilation ducts
  • Clean and sanitize tanks of any size
  • Clean grease and dirt buildup on walls, ceilings, baseboards, vents and dryers
  • Clean and kill listeria, pathogenic bacteria, flies and their eggs in pipes and drains
  • Clean diamond aluminum flooring
  • Clean and sanitize flat or mesh conveyor belt
  • Clean and sanitize drains, including insects and their eggs!