Conveyor belt cleaners are necessary components to any production line, by cleaning and sanitizing the conveyor belt and eliminating carryback. Proper sanitization protects the safety and integrity of future production cycles by controlling bacteria, dust buildup, and other forms of contamination. Carryback—when products on the conveyor are not discharged but rather carried back to the start—is a common result of improper conveyor belt cleaning. Although traditional cleaning methods can be labor-intensive and require high volumes of water and chemicals, using an advanced integrated conveyor belt cleaning system can streamline the process.

At Electro-Steam, we specialize in creating industrial conveyor belt cleaning systems that integrate with your equipment and your processes. Our cleaning solutions are specifically designed to remove carryback before it leads to excessive wear or unscheduled downtime. Modular and flat belt systems need different cleaners to fully reach every potentially contaminated surface with minimal interruption. That’s why we’ve developed our Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning System and Eagle Series Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaning System solutions to best fit the needs of your conveyor belts.

The Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

Electro-Steam introduces our new Robotic Jet System for automatic safe cleaning of all modular style conveyor belts. The new Robotic Jet System features our powerful 8” Spinner the spins 1250 rpm’s, delivering dry vapor steam while continuously rotating to quickly and effectively clean your conveyors hands free!