Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems

In conveyor belt systems, carryback—i.e., material that accumulates and binds to the belt—is a leading issue. In addition to necessitating frequent maintenance operations, it can cause individual system components to experience premature wear and fatigue and the overall system to encounter performance issues. The integration of belt cleaners in a conveyor belt system is the ideal solution to these issues.

At Electro-Steam, we specialize in creating industrial conveyor belt cleaning systems that integrate with your equipment and your processes. Our cleaning solutions are specifically designed to remove carryback before it leads to excessive wear or unscheduled downtime. Modular and flat belt systems need different cleaners to fully reach every potentially contaminated surface with minimal interruption. That’s why we’ve developed our Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning System and Eagle Series Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaning System solutions to best fit the needs of your conveyor belts.

The Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

Electro-Steam introduces our new Robotic Jet System for automatic safe cleaning of all modular style conveyor belts. The new Robotic Jet System features our powerful 8” Spinner the spins 1250 rpm’s, delivering dry vapor steam in a pulsating manner to quickly and effectively clean your conveyors hands free!

The 8” Spinner is standard equipment on all of our Robotic Jet Systems at no additional charge. No more water collecting and puddling on the floor or soiled wastewater running to your drain from your conventional cleaning methods. The Robotic Jet System uses only ounces of water per minute and usually evaporates before it hits the floor, leaving you only to manage a pile of moist soil left behind and a clean and dry conveyor. Effective, efficient, saves time, and is totally chemical free using only water!

Modular conveyor belts are at risk of significant wear and damage from carryback that can accumulate across and in between the conveyor belt parts. Our Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning System is specially designed to address the needs of modular belts with high-powered, high-temperature steam that cleans the entire conveyor surface. The units themselves are portable, easy to install, and low-weight so they can safely integrate with existing conveyance systems with belt widths ranging from 12 to 72 inches and spinners that reach every inch of the surface width. Dry vapor steam allows for a thorough, hands-free clean that doesn’t interrupt operations or present a safety hazard to your employees. Our system is equipped with robotic features to further streamline and automate the process. Each unit is fully customized with a cleaning solution that addresses any type of soil and carryback. Some of the contaminants our powerful dry vapor steam solution can handle include:

  • Allergens
  • Fats and oils
  • Over-spray
  • Glazes
  • Bacteria

The dry vapor steam cleans the conveyor belt surfaces continuously without slowing down operations. Operators can also modify the fully programmable system to control for different speeds.

Modular conveyor belts are even more susceptible to dirt accumulation and contamination than traditional belt systems. Granules and buildup can accumulate between the interlocking panels. This increases pressure on the joints, making them break down or snap faster. The grime can also stick between the panels so they don’t move properly along the rollers or track. Hard-to-reach contaminants also present a hazard to products, especially consumable goods in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic industry because of potential contamination and failure to meet health standards.

A dry steam cleaner can mitigate these risks by fully cleaning the surface and interlocking components of the belt. The dry steam also eliminates the risk of introducing moisture to the system that can condense in the joints and lead to premature rust and corrosion. Steam cleaning can also keep the surface sanitized to the industry-specific and regulatory standards your facility needs to uphold.

The Eagle Series Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

At Electro-Steam, we offer a conveyor belt cleaning system that provides all of the above benefits and more. Our Electro-Steam™ Eagle series brushless conveyor belt cleaning system is designed for full customizability to meet the cleaning and sanitizing needs of a wide range of conveyor belt systems varying in size and materials handled. Key features of the Eagle system include:

  • A steam cleaner that produces dry steam vapor to break down accumulated material and sanitize the belt
  • A vacuum that removes accumulated material and dries the belt surface

Among others, these components work together to produce cleaned and dried belt components that are ready for use in future production runs.

In contrast to other cleaning systems available in the market, the Eagle series brushless conveyor cleaning system eliminates the need for manual labor, chemicals, and wastewater disposal and meets and exceeds the regulatory requirements for food safety. These qualities make it ideal for use in consumable goods handling applications—such as in the food and beverage industries—which often employ complex and labor-intensive cleaning operations to maintain high safety and quality standards.

Benefits of Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems

Belt cleaners minimize the accumulation of material during and between conveying operations. By using them, industry professionals reduce the risk of the aforementioned problems, as well as enhance the safety of employees, the operating efficiency of the system, and the productivity and profitability of the facility.

Some of the key benefits of adding a belt cleaner to a conveyor belt system include:

  • Greater profitability. In conveyor applications, cleanup and maintenance are major contributors to overall costs. Minimizing or eliminating carryback, reduces cleanup and maintenance costs, resulting in increased profitability.
  • Higher material usage-to-waste ratio. Belt cleaners keep bulk materials moving in the right direction by scraping the belts clean at the head pulley, ensuring a greater amount of materials make it to transfer points or into containers.
  • Greater equipment longevity. Carryback often accumulates under the belt and inside the conveyor system, which can cause damage to internal components—such as rollers and idlers—and trigger the belts to wander and fray. Keeping belts clean of material accumulation helps prevent premature wear, increasing overall service life.
  • Lower energy costs. Accumulated materials increase the total weight the conveyor system has to support and handle, resulting in higher energy costs. By keeping belts clean, the conveyor system does not have to work as hard to move the necessary materials, resulting in lower energy costs.
  • Better work environment safety. When carryback collects under the belt, it poses a safety hazard to facility workers as they can slip and fall while trying to walk through the material. When it produces fugitive dust, it can also cause other issues when inhaled or ignited.

Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions from Electro-Steam

Cleaning every surface of your conveyance and processing systems is essential, but interrupting operations, especially for automated or 24/7 systems, is disruptive, and it’s tempting to skip cleanings. Do away with the problem entirely by integrating an automated cleaning solution that keeps the surface clear, safe, and easy to operate. At Electro-Steam, we specialize in steam cleaning tools for the food processing, beverage, and packaging industries. For more information about our automatic conveyor belt cleaning system, view our product catalog page or contact us today.