Steam is commonly used in medical environments for sanitation procedures. Steam sanitation uses saturated steam under pressure to kill microbial contaminants on reusable medical equipment, surgical instruments, and other items. However, the uses of steam in healthcare settings extend far beyond simple sanitation.

While healthcare professionals and life-saving medical devices are obviously critical to a hospital’s ability to function properly, steam generators play an important behind-the-scenes role in making sure essential medical procedures can be performed safely and effectively.

How Are Steam Generators Used in the Medical Industry?

Steam generators support a variety of critical functions across the medical sector.

Medical Steam


Hospital settings often have specific humidity requirements for different spaces throughout the building. Operating rooms and other critical areas require precise humidity control to optimize air quality and provide a comfortable working environment for staff. And more…


Autoclave sterilizers, which are typically located in laboratory spaces and surgical areas, require steam produced by generators to function. The high-temperature steam sterilizes medical tools by killing harmful microorganisms that may be present on their surfaces. And more…

Electro-Steam carries a line of steam generators that are ideal for steam sterilization, including our popular V-block model. These units can be used in hospitals, surgery centers, laboratories, pharmaceutical processes, and other custom applications. Whether you need a generator for a new autoclave or a replacement generator for an existing autoclave, we can help you identify the perfect unit to meet your spatial limitations and functional requirements.

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Why Choose Steam Generators for Health Care Settings

While there may be alternatives to steam generators for many medical applications, steam is often the superior choice. The reasons for this are:

Energy efficiency

While purchasing a cheap steam boiler might save money initially, most hospitals will find it more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a high-quality, long-lasting steam generator. One major advantage of electric steam generators is that they consume no energy while idle, only cycling steam when required. In contrast, fuel-fired boilers need considerably more energy to operate at full strength.

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The Use of Steam Generators in Medical Industry

The Use of Steam Generators in the Medical Industry

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When it comes to steam generation in hospital settings, safety should always be a primary concern. Most modern steam generators are substantially safer than steam boilers manufactured decades ago—particularly those that are fuel-fired. Fuel-fired boilers are inherently dangerous and prone to failure from inadequate water treatment, improper warm-up, low water conditions, flame impingement, over-firing, and even explosions. Electric steam generators are significantly safer since they do not require combustible fuel to operate.

Other reasons on why electric steam generators are the definitive choice:

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