In commercial bakery operations, the need to clean dough sheeters/rollers, mixers, bread slicers, baking ovens, tunnel ovens, retarder proofers, conveyor belts, racks, floors and walls to remove flour, mold, oil, and grease residue from hard to clean areas is constant.

Traditional cleaning methods that involve caustic chemicals and use of large amounts of hot water can lead to excess moisture, which is not a welcome addition in the baking industry. For this and many other related reasons, use of dry steam vapor has become widely acceptable in the industry as part of cleaning and sanitization programs.

The use of dry steam vapor cleaning is faster, far more efficient, cleaner, and more effective in reaching and penetrating both easy to clean surfaces and difficult to clean areas of equipment and systems – including sensitive electronic equipment, newer robotics, scales, and sensors.

Eagle Series Dry Steam Cleaners are portable, have their own onboard water tank and boiler (no water hoses to attach), clean without harmful, toxic chemicals, and use a fraction of the water used in traditional cleaning methods – important features to consider in reaching sustainability targets such as chemical and water reduction.



Typical Uses for Commercial Bakeries

  • Clean and sanitize any surface, inclusive of all make-up, processing and packaging equipment
  • Clean safely around electrical control panels and other electronic parts
  • Clean and defrost refrigeration fins and coils
  • Sanitize refrigeration systems
  • Sanitize ventilation ducts
  • Clean baking and tunnel ovens
  • Sanitize drains and kill all insects, including their eggs
  • Clean flour, oil, and grease buildup on floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards, vents, and dryers
  • Clean and kill listeria, e-coli, salmonella and other harmful pathogenic bacteria
  • Clean diamond aluminum flooring
  • Clean and sanitize flat and mesh conveyor belts automatically