Steam Applications for Different Industries

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Because it is so versatile, steam is used in many industries. It’s common to find steam sanitization systems and specialized manufacturing processes that incorporate steam in many settings. Steam generators are an affordable and reliable source of steam ready to use, on demand.  Below are just a few examples of steam sanitation operations and other […]

The Different Types of Steam in Industrial Steam Generation

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Industrial facilities rely on different types of steam to manage tasks ranging from consistent heating and processing to managing sanitation. There are many steam types available, and choosing the right one for a given application is essential. At Electro-Steam, we provide steam generation systems suitable for a wide variety of industrial steam needs. This guide […]

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Wooden barrels and large aluminum barrels wine factory

Why Winemakers Have Adopted Steam Sterilization

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Winemakers must sanitize winemaking equipment properly to maintain the wine’s quality. Traditionally, winemakers relied on chlorinated materials, trisodium phosphate (TSP), and soda ash solutions to sterilize barrels and tanks. However, contemporary winemaking has shifted towards safer, more effective methods, such as winery steam. It offers a sustainable and highly effective alternative, addressing critical concerns and […]

Why is Phosphating Important?

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Phosphating, also called phosphatizing, or phosphate conversion coating, is the process of applying a phosphate solution, such as iron, zinc, or manganese phosphate, to a metal surface by spraying or immersion. This forms a chemically bonded layer of phosphate crystals on the surface of the material. It is used for applications in which corrosion protection, […]