Why Should You Steam Clean Wine Barrels?

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Cleaning and maintaining wine barrels is an essential part of the wine production process, as it helps preserve quality and enhances taste in wine products. The chemical compounds wineries often use to clean and maintain wine barrels can be harmful to wine processing workers and hazardous to the environment. One safe and efficient method you […]

Benefits of Clean-in-Place Dry Steam Cleaning for Conveyor Belts

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Food processing and production environments are required to comply with sanitation and food safety standards at all times. These apply to the ingredients as well as all equipment used to prepare, process, and package them. Areas that require special attention include conveyor belts used to move food items from station to station within the facility, […]

How Do Steam Shrink Tunnels Work?

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Shrink tunnels use heat to shrink film sleeves around various containers for labeling purposes. Steam heat shrink tunnels are known for their efficiency and precise control. These tunnels harness the natural properties of steam to distribute heat evenly and quickly, which enables consistency and quality across products. Manufacturers utilize steam shrink tunnels to accommodate a […]

How Does Steam Destroy Microorganisms?

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Steam cleaning is an ideal method for sterilizing surfaces. Sterilization involves increasing the temperature of the water until it becomes a gas (vapor), which raises the temperature of a given surface. The high temperatures quickly kill any microorganisms living on the surface. Various facilities rely on steam generation for sterilization, including hospitals and various other […]

Clean Steam System Design Fundamentals

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Clean steam is saturated steam made from purified water that is used to sanitize equipment in cleanrooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing facilities, and medical settings. It allows for non-contact cleaning of equipment, including corners and tight or enclosed spaces. In addition to generating clean steam, the system must be designed to prevent internal corrosion both […]