Electro-Steam is an industry-leading provider of superior steam shower generator systems. From renovating an existing bathing space to creating a new one, we work with our customers to ensure that we deliver the solution that best meets the needs and specifications of their facility.

Steam baths offer a variety of health and therapeutic benefits, including increased circulation, respiratory ease, immune system stimulation, detoxifying and purifying the skin and body, and encouraging complete mental and physical well-being. With the increased knowledge regarding the benefits of steam, offering a steam bath could be a selling point for your business.

We provide low-maintenance steam products with easy-to-use controls for your staff. Day spas, salons, fitness centers, and therapy facilities will appreciate the value of the commercial steam products we offer, while your customers will enjoy a luxurious and purifying experience.

Steam Generators for Steam Rooms / Steam Baths

At Electro-Steam, our catalog contains features that ensure the most relaxing, restorative, and therapeutic experience for steam bathers. We provide powerful and efficient commercial steam generators capable of withstanding high traffic and continuous use in health clubs and spas. Our health club generators are available in a variety of power ratings from 10 kW to 240 kW while maintaining 98% efficiency in energy and water conservation. Our equipment is typically suited for steam rooms from 300 cubic square ft to 12,000 cubic square ft.

Steam Room Steam

Our systems are very versatile and can lower high pressure dry steam in less than 15 minutes or on-demand. Our commercial steam generators are suitable for steam room systems in venues such as:

  • Health clubs
  • Fitness centers
  • Resorts
  • Large spas
  • Country clubs

Electro-Steam is proud to supply steam generator systems for YMCAs. We also recently supplied steam generators at an east coast PGA championship golf course country club. Regardless of the size of your space, our steam bath systems enable you to create the perfect steam experience for your customers and venue.

Work With the Industry Leader in Dry Steam Vapor Generation

Electro-Steam Generator Corp. is an American-made OEM manufacturer that has provided high quality electric steam generators since 1952. Our units quickly and efficiently provide a steam room or shower with hot, soothing, clean steam in a matter of minutes with kilowatt ratings from 10kW to 240kW. We can work with you to create the perfect unit for your venue whether it’s a large steam room or a private residential steam shower.

Whether your goal is relaxation and self-care in your home steam shower or providing the ultimate luxurious and therapeutic services for your customers, Electro-Steam can make it happen. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and discuss your steam generator needs.

Additional benefits include the following:

  • Standard Stainless Steel Cabinets
  • Compact unit will fit in small, convenient spaces
  • Built by an ASME Certificate holder in accordance with ASME BPVC Section I – Rules for Construction of Power Boilers (“ASME BPVC Section I”). They also comply with the requirements outlined in The National Board Synopsis of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Laws, Rules and Regulations (NB-370) RULES FOR CONSTRUCTION AND STAMPING section, which for many jurisdictions include but are not limited to ASME BPVC Section I, ASME CSD-1, ASME B31.1, and REGISTRATION WITH THE NATIONAL BOARD.
  • UL and cUL (Canada) listed
  • 98% efficient resulting in energy and water conservation
  • Lower high pressure dry steam in less than 15 minutes (or on demand)
  • Kilowatt rating from 10 kW to 240 kW
  • A one year warranty on all parts and a five year warranty on the chamber.

Most units below are available in 316L stainless steel.

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SV-Series SV-Series 3.3, 5, 6.6, 8.3 or 10 kw 0-100 PSI
LG-Series LG-Series 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or 40 kw 0-100 PSI
LB-Series LB-Series 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 or 240 kw 0-100 PSI