Food Industry

In the food processing industry, sanitation is paramount to eliminating harmful pathogens and bacteria that can find their way into the food chain and cause food-borne illness for consumers.

One of the key areas that food processing looks at in dealing with these problems is elimination and reduction to safe levels of pathogenic bacteria such as listeria monocytogenes, e-coli, salmonella. These pathogens can rapidly multiply, form resistant biofilms, are hard to detect, and even harder to clean and kill, especially on rough or hard-to-reach surfaces.

Studies have indicated that one of the most effective methods of sanitizing equipment and killing pathogenic bacteria is with heat. For this reason, the food processing industry is an ideal candidate for use of dry steam vapor cleaners as part of their sanitization programs.

Dry steam vapor is superior to traditional cleaning practices – faster, more efficient, and more effective – which is why Eagle Series Dry Steam Cleaners are often specified by food processors. Each model is portable, has its own onboard water tank and boiler (no water hoses to attach), cleans without harmful, toxic chemicals, and uses a fraction of water used in traditional cleaning methods – important features to consider in hitting sustainability targets such as chemical and water reduction.


Typical Uses for Food Processors

  • Clean and sanitize all processing and packaging equipment
  • Clean electrical control panels and other electrical parts
  • Clean and defrost refrigeration and condenser fins and coils
  • Sanitize refrigeration systems and remove unwanted ice buildup
  • Clean and sanitize storage and blending tanks
  • Clean grease buildup on walls, ceilings, baseboards, vents and dryers
  • Clean and kill pathogenic bacteria
  • Kill insect infestations, both flying and crawling, including their eggs. Excellent for drains!
  • Clean diamond deck flooring. Great for catwalks and mezzanines.
  • Automatically clean, dry, and sanitize flat/solid or modular and mesh style conveyor belts
  • Clean and sanitize a multitude of surfaces, including stainless, aluminum, brass, plastic, vinyl, polypropylene, painted surfaces, and many others. Dry vapor will not harm your surfaces.