Beverage Industry

The bottling and beverage industries involve a myriad of products from breweries, wineries, distilleries, soft drink, juice, dairy and other manufacturers – all of whom use tanks, barrels, conveyors, containers, and automated fillers and bottling lines.

All of this equipment is prone to buildup of various soils from the very nature of the manufacturing process. Harmful pathogens can potentially flourish in these extremely wet conditions and manufacturers of these products must be determined in their approach to eliminate and control them.

This makes dry steam vapor cleaning a superior alternative for use as part of the beverage industry’s food safety sanitation programs. The use of dry steam cleaning is faster, cleaner, and more effective in reaching and penetrating both easy and difficult to clean areas of equipment and systems, and heat transfer to stainless steel is immediate and far more efficient than hot water baths.

Eagle Series Dry Steam Cleaners are portable, have their own onboard water tank and boiler (no water hoses to attach), clean without harmful, toxic chemicals, and uses a fraction of water used in traditional cleaning methods – important features to consider in hitting sustainability targets such as chemical and water reduction. As an added benefit, the use of dry steam vapor in cleaning and sanitizing storage tanks and barrels can raise the temperature to also melt tartrates and residues. Eagle Series Dry Vapor Cleaners are your immediate solution to some of your most challenging issues!

Typical Uses for Beverage Producers

  • Clean and sanitize any stainless steel surface, regardless of material without damage
  • Clean around electrical control panels and other sensitive electrical parts
  • Clean and condensing units chemical free
  • Sanitize refrigeration systems
  • Clean and sanitize large bottling lines
  • Sanitize and refresh oak barrels
  • Sanitize ventilation ducts
  • Sanitize storage and blending tanks easily, regardless of size
  • Easily clean and remove soils and mold from walls, floors and other facility structures
  • Kills harmful pathogens on contact, including Listeria, E-coli, and Salmonella
  • Clean diamond aluminum flooring
  • Sanitize drains chemical free
  • Kills harbored flying and crawling insects quickly and easily chemical free