The bottling and beverage industry encompasses a wide range of businesses from breweries, distilleries, and wineries to manufacturers of soft drinks, dairy products, and juices. Each of these relies on equipment such as barrels, tanks, containers, conveyors, automated fillers, and bottling lines for everyday operations. Beverage plant sanitation within these facilities is crucial to prevent contamination of equipment and raw materials used during the manufacturing process. 

At Electro-Steam, we understand the beverage industry’s strict standards for sanitation and safety in bottling and beverage processing facilities. Our steam generators are capable of cleaning and sanitizing a wide variety of beverage processing equipment to remove material and prevent the buildup of contaminants.

Dry Steam Cleaning in Beverage Manufacturing

Wooden barrels and large aluminum barrels wine factory

Dry steam vapor cleaning is a highly effective process for any food safety sanitation program, and it is used extensively in the beverage processing industry. Dry steam cleaning is beneficial because it is cleaner, faster, and extremely effective at reaching, penetrating, and cleaning even the most difficult-to-clean areas in a given piece of equipment or system. This technique does not require the use of chemicals; instead, dry steam cleaning can kill microorganisms and remove contaminants through the use of high temperatures. Additionally, the pressurized steam vapor used in dry steam vapor cleaning can help remove allergens from equipment and many other surfaces.

Overall, dry steam vapor cleaning is extremely advantageous for use in beverage processing as it provides a sanitary and sustainable cleaning method. Additionally, it exhibits a reduced potential for corrosion and is safer than hot water pressure cleaning, which makes it suitable for sanitizing even the most delicate surfaces or pieces of equipment used in beverage manufacturing. Its ability to clean and sanitize hard-to-reach areas makes it perfect for use on even the most complicated surfaces and equipment within beverage processing facilities. 

Beverage Production Applications That Benefit from Steam Generators

Steam generators can be used to provide cleaning and sanitation for a variety of applications in a wide range of beverage production settings. Some of these applications include the following:

Bottling Line Cleaning

Because steam can diffuse evenly throughout bottling lines, it can sterilize bottling lines with superior effectiveness and efficiency. It is safe to use steam cleaning on all parts of a bottling line system, including the filters and stainless steel monoblocks as well as the spouts and lines themselves.

Brewery Cleaning and Sanitation

In a brewery, combi/kettle and other tank brewing systems must be cleaned using low-pressure steam (typically ranging from 15 to 100 PSIG) to avoid damaging or burning the mash or otherwise affecting the brew. At Electro-Steam, our versatile generators can safely heat these systems to provide efficient cleaning. Our electric steam generators can also sanitize kegs; sterilize tools, lines, and hoses; and rapidly clean piping systems.

Winery Cleaning and Sanitation

Microorganisms can rapidly grow in winemaking equipment due to the conditions commonly found in wineries. Steam cleaning can kill these microorganisms and remove deposits and residue without the need for specialized removal methods or harmful chemicals. This protects the taste of the product and can extend the productivity and lifetime of a given barrel. Electro-Steam’s steam cleaners can help provide a safe and effective way to efficiently clean the tanks and barrels used in wineries.

Juice, Soft Drink, and Dairy Processing

The equipment used during the process of manufacturing juice, soft drinks, or dairy products can experience the buildup of various materials. Because this buildup occurs under wet conditions, harmful pathogens can flourish that must be identified, eliminated, and controlled before they can contaminate products or equipment. Electro-Steam’s steam cleaners provide a fast and effective way to penetrate and clean even the most difficult-to-reach areas of equipment and systems within juice, soft drink, and dairy processing facilities. 

Typical Uses of Steam for Beverage Processing

Steam cleaning has a wide variety of uses in the beverage processing industry. These uses include:

  • Clean and sanitize any stainless steel surface, regardless of material, without damage
  • Clean around electrical control panels and other sensitive electrical parts
  • Clean and condensing units without the use of chemicals
  • Sanitize refrigeration systems
  • Clean and sanitize large bottling lines
  • Sanitize and refresh oak barrels
  • Sanitize ventilation ducts
  • Sanitize storage and blending tanks easily, regardless of size
  • Easily clean and remove soils and mold from walls, floors, and other facility structures
  • Kills harmful pathogens on contact, including Listeria, E-coli, and Salmonella
  • Clean diamond aluminum flooring
  • Sanitize drains without the use of chemicals
  • Kills harbored flying and crawling insects quickly and easily without the use of chemicals

Steam Cleaners from Electro-Steam

Electro-Steam manufactures a wide variety of steam cleaners for use in the beverage processing industry, including: 

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