Standard Features:
  • Built in accordance with ASME Miniature Boiler Code
  • Dual Pressure Controls (UL 353)
  • High Pressure Safety Reset. (UL 353)
  • Low Level Cut-Off (LLCO) (UL 353)
  • 200 psi Safety Relief Valve (ASME Section I - V-Stamp)
Included Options (Standard for Eagle Series Generators):
  • Spare Parts Package
  • Steam Gun (33 ft Hose)
  • Steam Tool Accessories Kit
The ASME Certification on each Eagle Series Model is your assurance that the unit is safe and legal to operate because it is compliant with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and registered with the National Board as required by US law.
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Unit of Measure



N/A Electro Steam™

Electrical Power Rating

N/A 40 kW

Boiler Horse Power

N/A 4.0 bhp
Alternating Current (AC) Power Supply Voltage1 N/A 380 V415 V440 V480 V600 V


N/A 3


N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Approximate Heat Up Time

N/A 7 minutes
Steam Capacity2 N/A 138.0 lb/hr62.6 kg/h

Water Consumption

N/A 16.5 gal/h62.6 L/h

Gross British Thermal Units (BTU) Output

N/A 133,901 Btu/hr

Maximum Boiler Pressure

N/A 200 psi

Operating Pressure Range

N/A 5 to 160 psi

Operating Pressure (Factory Set Point)

N/A 160 psi

Boiler Temperature

N/A 212 to 371 ºF

Temperature at Tip

N/A 212 ºF

Maximum Boiler Capacity

N/A 6 gal

Boiler Fill Capacity

N/A 4.2 gal

Reservoir Tank Capacity

N/A 7 gal
Boiler Material 3 N/A Carbon Steel

Cabinet Material

N/A 304 Stainless Steel

Plumbing Material

N/A Brass (Schedule 80) Carbon Steel (Schedule 80)

Crated Weight

N/A 725 lb

Industry Standards

N/A American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) - CSD-1 Compliant Underwriters Laboratories (UL 353) American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) - Miniature Boiler Code American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section I - V-Stamp

Cleaning Method

N/A Dry Steam


Amperage at 380 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 60.8 A

Amperage at 415 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 55.6 A

Amperage at 440 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 52.5 A

Amperage at 480 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 48.1 A

Amperage at 600 VAC (3Ø Phase)

N/A 38.5 A



N/A 58 in


N/A 23 in


N/A 57 in

Included Options

Spare Parts Package Includes

N/A (3) Electric Heaters & (3) Heater Gaskets (1) Sight Glass Tube & (1) Set of Washer Gaskets (1) Steam Solenoid (1) 200 psi Pressure Control

EAG00001 Steam Gun Complete with 33 Feet (ft) Hose (Qty:1)


EAG00005 8 Inch (in) Curved Lance (Qty:1)


EAG00006 16 Inch (in) Curved Lance (Qty:1)


EAG00007 35 Inch (in) Curved Lance (Qty:1)


EAG00008 1 Inch (in) Circular Nylon Brush (Qty:6)


EAG00009 1 Inch (in) Circular Bronze Brush (Qty:6)


EAG00010 1 Inch (in) Circular Stainless Steel Brush (Qty:6)


EAG00011 2.5 Inch (in) Circular Nylon Brush (Qty:6)


EAG00012 2.5 Inch (in) Circular Bronze Brush (Qty:6)


EAG00013 2.5 Inch (in) Circular Stainless Steel Brush (Qty:6)


EAG00014 2.5 Inch (in) Circular Scrubbing Pad Holder (Qty:3)


EAG00015 Scrubbing Pads (Qty:12): Black - Heavy Duty (Qty:4)/Green - Medium Duty (Qty:4)/White - Light Duty (Qty:4)


EAG00038 Heat Resistant Gloves (Qty:1)


EAG00039 Safety Glasses (Qty:1)


EAG00055 O-Rings for Steam Gun Connector (Qty:25)


EAG00067 O-Rings for Steam Gun Tip (Qty:25)


More Options

  • 1 Every Eagle Series electric steam generator is custom built to accommodate only one (1) specific three phase (3Ø) high voltage supply; the attached 25 foot (ft) flexible power cord (plug/socket not included) is sized according to the customer’s specified power requirements (voltage and amperage) of the machine.
  • 2 Calculations are based off of a 212 ºF boiler feed-water temperature. Boiler feed-water temperatures that range between 60 ºF and 140 ºF, are approximately 80 % to 90 % of the calculated values shown. Boiler feed-water must not exceed 140 ºF.
  • 3 Wetted Surfaces