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  1. The Use of Steam Sanitation in Hospitals

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    Vapor steam cleaning is becoming an increasingly common cleaning and sanitizing method for a broad range of industries, from healthcare facilities to food and beverage processing and commercial cleaning. As a safe, environmentally friendly method, it can be used to thoroughly clean materials without the use of harsh or harmful solvents and detergents.

    An experienced manufacturer of high quality steam cleaning equipment, Electro-Steam is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art steam cleaning solutions to our customers in the hospital and healthcare industry worldwide. We understand that the current high-traffic environment in these facilities creates an enhanced high-risk situation for patients and healthcare workers alike. The right steam sanitizer can help you disinfect a variety of surfaces and materials quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing the risk of infection or cross-contamination caused by microbes, allergens, and dirt.

    Advantages of Using Steam Sanitation

    Steam sanitation offers an extensive range of advantages over traditional cleaning solutions, including:

    Reduced Water Usage

    Rather than using copious amounts of water to dilute or rinse chemical cleaners, steam cleaners simply use a small amount of contained, high-temperature steam.

    Minimized Water Runoff or Overspray

    With a steam cleaner, you don’t have to worry about excessive water usage or polluting runoff.

    Ability to Clean Sensitive Surfaces and Equipment

    Steam cleaners use high-temperature steam without excessive pressure, so you can use it on your heat- and water-sensitive components and materials.

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    Capability to Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas

    Unlike manual cleaning with detergents, steam can reach into corners and cracks. It can also be used on fabric surfaces that are unable to be cleaned with standard chemical methods.

    Cleans Without Harmful and Harsh Chemicals

    Steam cleaning uses 100% heated water, thereby reducing worker and patient exposure to harsh and irritating detergents, solvents, and other cleaning chemicals.

    Easily Removes Stains and Microbial Contaminants

    Steam has been proven to kill 99.99% of microbial contaminants such as bacteria, mold, yeast, protozoa, and fungi. It can also be used to reduce odors and clean grease, oils, and stains.

    Can Be Used Anywhere Without Breaching Clean Water Act Regulations

    Since there are no harmful chemicals to rinse off, using steam cleaners helps you to operate within Clean Water Act regulations. In fact, with zero runoff, there is no need to worry about the Clean Water Act at all when you use a steam cleaner.

    Highly Versatile Process

    Steam sanitation can be used on a variety of surfaces and sensitive equipment that cannot be cleaned using traditional chemical methods.

    Eco-Friendly Cleaning

    Because steam cleaning only uses superheated water, no polluting chemicals are released into the environment. In addition, steam equipment uses significantly less water than other cleaning methods.

    3 Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning in Hospitals

    Steam cleaning is particularly useful for hospital and medical sanitation. It is highly effective against microbes without contributing to the growing issue of microbial resistance, and it is environmentally safe and eco-friendly.

    Steam Cleaning Is Seriously Effective

    Whether you are cleaning a waiting room or an operating room, steam cleaning is a highly effective sanitation method that removes up to 99.99% of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and other microbes from a wide range of surfaces. It is highly versatile, which makes it ideal for use in disinfecting rooms, operating rooms, and examination rooms. It can also be used to clean sensitive medical equipment and devices to ensure sanitary conditions across the board.

    Steam Cleaning Helps in the Fight Against Anti-Microbial Resistance

    As bacteria and other microbes are exposed to detergents, solvents, antibiotics, and other agents meant to kill them, many are evolving high levels of resistance. Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) are becoming increasingly common, and the methods used to prevent these infections may be making the problem worse. Anti-microbial resistance (AMR) is caused by this microbial evolution and can result in untreatable medical conditions and even death in patients who are exposed.

    Fortunately, steam sanitization does not have the same effect on microbial growth. By using only heated water, steam can break down bacteria and other microorganisms and prevent replication without contributing to anti-microbial resistance, creating a healthier and safer environment for patients and workers alike.

    Steam Cleaning Is More Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

    Since steam cleaning does not use harsh chemicals, it is more environmentally friendly than more traditional cleaning methods. In addition, steam cleaners use less water overall than standard cleaning solutions, thereby eliminating runoff and conserving water.

    Electro-Steam’s Dry Steam Cleaners in Healthcare Facilities

    Electro-Steam Generator Corp. is pleased to offer a wide range of steam sanitizing solutions engineered specifically for use in medical, hospital, biotech, and pharmaceutical facilities. We have extensive experience with the stringent requirements and regulations of health-related industries, and we are pleased to custom design and build the best steam cleaning equipment for your heating, humidification, and sanitation needs. To learn more about our steam cleaning solutions, contact our experts today.