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  1. What is the Best Commercial Steam Cleaning Machine?

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    For safe, efficient sanitation, businesses turn to commercial steam cleaning machines. No matter your application, you need a steam cleaner that is effective, reliable, safe, versatile, and eco-friendly. At Electro-Steam, our Eagle Series Dry Steam CleanersEagle Series TruBlu, and Steam Master by Menikini meet these qualifications, providing high-performance steam cleaning for commercial spaces across industries.

    Every environment is little different, which is why we offer a variety of dry steam cleaner models and tools featuring different pressure controls, boiler power, and operating pressure ranges. If you can’t find exactly what you need, the Electro-Steam team can customize a solution for you.

    Is Steam Cleaning Really Effective?

    Homes, offices, industrial kitchens, breweries, pharmaceutical plants, food processing facilities, and other businesses have begun to realize the benefits of chemical-free steam cleaning solutions. Using cleaning chemicals can create resistant strains of bacteria and other microorganisms and may also pose health risks to employees. With steam cleaning, businesses can clean without using chemicals. Steam cleaning is every bit as effective as chemical cleaning for eliminating dust, bacteria, mold, mildew, and more. Commercial steam cleaners kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria with nothing but heat and water.

    steam cleaner for cleaning the house, steam erupts from the brush.

    How Do Steam Cleaners Work?

    The machine boils water, which is then forced through the nozzle as pressurized steam. This heated vapor kills allergens and bacteria while loosening dust and dirt. With wet steam cleaning, the remaining condensation quickly dries, though in some cases it may be advisable to wipe down a heavily-soiled surface before it dries to remove any loosened grime more easily.

    Dry steam offers a more versatile solution. There’s little moisture in dry steam—less than 0.5%. This means dry steam cleaners can be used in environments where cleaning with water isn’t safe or appropriate. Essentially, dry steam offers all of the benefits of a wet steam cleaner without the risk of damage to sensitive equipment.

    What Can I Steam Clean?

    Commercial steam cleaning is safe on many different surfaces, including tile, hardwood, grout, and carpet. It’s used in commercial and industrial facilities for sinks, floors, walls, tubs and tanks, stoves/ovens, grills, glass, and so much more. Dry steam cleaners can also be used around electronics and other sensitive equipment without the risk of damage. Dry steam cleaning also offers an ideal solution for equipment made from metals prone to corrosion, since the low moisture content won’t create corrosive conditions during cleaning.

    If you’re not sure if you should use dry steam on a particular surface, Electro-Steam can help you determine the best solution for your application or develop a custom solution for your needs. We’ve provide steam cleaning equipment for:

    Learn everything you need to know about dry steam cleaning here.

    What is the Best Commercial Steam Cleaner?

    At Electro-Steam, we offer high-performance commercial dry steam cleaning machines for use in a diverse spectrum of industries. We can help you choose the best one for your needs or customize a unique solution just for you. We’re committed to connecting you with an affordable, safe, and effective commercial steam cleaner. Contact us to learn more.

  2. How Do You Clean a Commercial Kitchen?

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    Cleanliness is vital in hotel, restaurant, and commercial kitchens. Following proper sanitation guidelines greatly reduces the spread of illness and foodborne outbreaks (foodborne illness outbreaks. However, it can be difficult to understand exactly when and how to clean different areas of a commercial kitchen as this type of space will frequently contain a wide variety of equipment and surface materials.

    Dry steam cleaners sanitize areas without the use of toxic (and harsh) chemicals, making them ideal for commercial kitchens that commonly have various equipment in tight spaces. At Electro-Steam, our commercial steam cleaners can reach temperatures of up to 240° F, well above the 160° F required to kill the majority of pathogens.

    What surfaces should clean steam be used on?

    Commercial kitchen steam cleaners are highly versatile and effective on a wide variety of surfaces, including:


    • Dry steam cleaners are able to scrub (clean) and sanitize the surfaces of grills, flattops, and burners as needed.
    • Countertops and Hard Surfaces. Since these areas frequently come into contact with food, they should be steam cleaned multiple times a day to prevent rapid growth of bacteria.
    • Exhaust Hoods and Vents. These areas should be steam cleaned every few months to eliminate the buildup of grease that could eventually restrict airflow.
    • Kitchen Ceiling and Walls. These areas require steam cleaning at least once a month, although bi-weekly cleaning may be necessary depending on the amount of grease and food particle buildup.
    • Kitchen Floor. Kitchen floors should be cleaned daily as they are prone to the accumulation of food particles, grease, and tracked-in dirt.
    • Ovens and Ranges. These should be commercial steam cleaned weekly, with particular attention to the door, racks, and walls of the oven.
    • Refrigeration Units. Although they may be less exposed to airborne grease and food particles, refrigerator condenser coils and surfaces still require regular steam cleaning (and are often a source of mold and mildew).

    FAQs of cleaning commercial kitchens with steam

    There are a number of questions you may have regarding the use of commercial steam cleaners. We will delve into a few of the most common.

    Can I steam clean wooden kitchen cabinets?

    Wooden surfaces often pose a problem as they can be easily damaged if exposed to the wrong type of cleanser. Fortunately, commercial steam cleaners are an effective method of cleaning wooden cabinets as long as the wood is sealed.

    Can you use a steam cleaner on stainless steel?

    Absolutely—in fact, we highly recommend this. Commercial steam cleaners are an ideal way to clean stainless steel without the use of harsh chemicals.

    What is the best commercial steam cleaner?

    Our TruBlu Dry Steam Cleaners and Electro-Steam Eagle Series are both excellent options. These steam cleaners provide a penetrating clean that reaches every surface, killing pathogens and leaving your commercial kitchen deeply sanitized.

    Contact Electro-Steam for Your Steam Cleaning Needs

    Electro-Steam has offered high quality, reliable steam cleaners since 1952. We are proud to manufacture all of our products in the USA, and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in choosing the sanitation solution that will perfectly suit your unique needs. For help with your commercial kitchen cleaning needs, contact us today.