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Shrink tunnels use heat to shrink film sleeves around various containers for labeling purposes. Steam heat shrink tunnels are known for their efficiency and precise control. These tunnels harness the natural properties of steam to distribute heat evenly and quickly, which enables consistency and quality across products.

Manufacturers utilize steam shrink tunnels to accommodate a wide range of product sizes and shapes. Explore our steam generators for more insights into steam power for shrink tunnels.

How Steam Heat Shrink Tunnels Work

A steam heat shrink tunnel uses steam as a medium to transfer heat to objects in an enclosed space. Steam passes through the tunnel and envelops the objects, maintaining high heat levels as it shrinks the sleeves. The steam tunnels include sophisticated manifolds and valves that control the intensity and direction of steam flow.

Operators can optimize the process to match product specifications and desired production rates by adjusting the following design parameters:

  • Tunnel length
  • Opening size
  • Conveyor speed

Temperature plays a central role in the shrinking process. Operating within a specific temperature range prevents deformation on empty bottles and preserves the chemical integrity and physical properties of the product inside.

Applications of Steam Heat Shrink Tunnels

Steam heat shrinking is ideal for applications involving full-sleeve labels on contoured containers. Precise temperature controls keep graphics sharp and colors vibrant, without the distortion or wrinkling often caused by higher heat methods.

Key applications of steam heat shrink tunnels include:

  • Beverage Industry: Ideal for applying labels to bottles and cans, ensuring they withstand moisture and temperature variations without peeling or fading
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensures tight, tamper-evident seals on bottles and containers, maintaining product safety and compliance with regulatory standards
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care: Applies smooth, wrinkle-free labels to uniquely shaped bottles, enhancing product appeal on competitive retail shelves
  • Food Packaging: Offers a reliable method for sealing products in heat-sensitive films that conform tightly to the shape of food items, preserving freshness and extending shelf life

Steam tunnels are particularly beneficial for high-pressure packaging or flammable products, providing a safe and efficient option for sensitive applications.

Benefits of Steam Heat Shrink Tunnels

The primary advantage of using steam tunnels is their superior heat distribution. Unlike dry heat methods, the moisture from the steam can quickly penetrate and surround shrink films for a more efficient process. Steam also results in a more even application, maintaining quality and enhancing the visual appeal of products on shelves.

Steam heat shrink tunnels offer precision and greater scalability, making them a valuable asset for any business labeling packaged goods. Such consistency is key to maintaining brand standards and consumer trust.

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Steam shrink tunnels offer a robust solution for a breadth of packaging needs, combining safety, efficiency, and quality in one effective process.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the visual appeal of your products or need a reliable system for high-pressure applications, steam shrink tunnels are designed to meet these demands. Their versatility and precision ensure optimal outcomes for every use, from simple packaging tasks to complex, sensitive operations.

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