Industries that process or manufacture consumable goods must maintain high standards of cleanliness, especially within the food industry. Like other food processing and transportation equipment, food conveyor belts require regular cleaning to ensure sanitation and safety. Commercial dry steam cleaning systems offer a fast and chemical-free cleaning solution for food conveyor belts. Learn more about the importance of cleaning food conveyor belts and why steam cleaning is the best option.

Why Clean and Maintain Your Food Conveyor Belts

Importance of Cleaning Food Conveyor Belts

Regular conveyor belt cleaning is crucial in keeping your conveyor belts in good condition while preventing contamination and ensuring a safe environment for food production.

During food processing and manufacturing applications, conveyor belts collect dirt, oils, and other food grime on the return strand. To prevent the accumulation of contaminants and inhibit bacterial growth, all belts must be thoroughly cleaned after the discharge point.

One way to effectively clean food conveyor belts is through the use of dry steam. Steam’s popularity for cleaning food processing equipment results from its ability to quickly sanitize components without chemicals or disassembly, among many other benefits.

Why Steam Is the Best Choice for Cleaning Food Conveyor Belts

Steam cleaning systems are highly versatile and efficient. They are capable of deeply sanitizing conveyor belt components without harsh chemicals, making them highly safe for use in food processing applications.

According to recent tests in specialized laboratory environments, steam has been proven to kill up to 99.99% of germs without additional cleaning agents. This can help food processing facilities meet HACCP and other strict standards while avoiding the use of detergents or other chemicals.

Not only do dry steam cleaning systems remove visible dirt, but they can also remove substances like grease that can be difficult to spot on conveyor belts. This ensures your production line remains consistently clean and free of contaminants.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Food Conveyor Belts

Using steam cleaning systems to clean food conveyor belts offers numerous advantages over conventional cleaning methods. These benefits include:

  • Safety: Steam cleaners clean with dry steam, resulting in very little moisture production. They work by spraying hot-dry steam at high temperatures and pressures onto equipment to quickly clean and sanitize it. During the cleaning process, steam cleaners completely remove contaminated steam and water while ensuring the conveyor belt remains consistently dry. This makes it safe for cleaning different types of conveyor belts, including modular belts, smooth belts, mesh belts, and more.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Dry steam cleaners don’t require the use of harsh chemicals, preventing any toxic contamination during food production. Additionally, these machines only use very minimal water to completely clean conveyor belts, making them more eco-friendly than other less efficient cleaning methods. Another factor that contributes to these machines’ environmental friendliness is the sole use of electricity to run, eliminating the need for other fuel sources.

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