Electro-Steam specializes in developing industrial cleaning systems that can integrate with your existing processes and equipment. Our innovative cleaning solutions are made to eliminate carryback before it causes costly downtime or excessive wear. 

Flat belt and modular conveyor belt systems require different cleaners to completely reach all contaminated surfaces without compromising productivity. To address this need, Electro-Steam created our Eagle Series Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaning System and Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning System to suit the needs of modern industrial conveyor belts. To learn more about these products, view the interactive infographics below.

Eagle Series Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

Eagle Series Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaning SystemOur Eagle Series Automatic Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaner features an attachment that can be easily installed and removed within one minute. The cleaning head has no moving parts and provides complete belt coverage, reducing the risk of human error in the belt cleaning and sanitization process.

The Eagle Series uses minimal chemicals, reduces the need for manual labor, decreases wastewater disposal, and complies with all necessary food safety regulations. These properties make it well-suited for use in food, beverage, and other consumable goods handling applications that often require labor-intensive and complex cleaning processes to maintain safety and quality.

Our interactive infographic provides information about the features of the Eagle Series Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaning System. You can click the red dots to read more detailed information about the components and features of the system, including:

  • Conveyor Belt
  • Custom Brushless Conveyor Belt Cleaner
  • Eagle Series Dry Steam Cleaners
  • Hot Dry Steam Inlet
  • Industrial Vacuum

Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning SystemElectro-Steam’s Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning System offers an effective and powerful cleaning solution that is portable, lightweight, and easy to install. The system is made up of a completely programmable robotic arm, as well as a rotating steam spinner head that fits belt widths of 12 to 72 inches for full surface-width coverage. These fully customizable units utilize dry, hot steam to mitigate carryback and clean a wide range of soil types.

Our interactive infographic will guide you through the features of our Jet System Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaning System. Simply click on the red dots on the infographic for details about the various components, including:

  • Robotic Arm
  • Spinner Head
  • Steam Delivery
  • Touchscreen Control Panel

Electro-Steam’s New Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems

At Electro-Steam, we offer a variety of steam cleaning solutions for the food processing, beverage, and packaging industries. Our automated cleaning systems not only eliminate the need for time-consuming cleaning processes but also help ensure safe, compliant operations. Guide yourself through the features of our automatic conveyor belt cleaning systems with our interactive infographics. You can also contact us to speak with a team member about our products and capabilities.

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