Producing a high-quality cannabis product begins with ensuring that every step of the growing, harvesting, distillation, and manufacturing processes fulfill safety and sanitary standards. Most importantly, the lab where technicians extract and package cannabis for sale must be kept clean. Cleaning the equipment has traditionally been a time-consuming, labor-intensive operation involving harsh chemicals. Implementing a dry steam cleaning method is a safer, simpler, and more effective cleaning alternative.

Cleaning Challenges of Cannabis Extraction and Distillation Equipment

Cannabis manufacturing faces unique obstacles such as varying legality from state to state, limited financial options, and availability of skilled employees. Cannabis plants in production need plenty of room to grow, regulated environments, and dependable personnel. Furthermore, manufacturing cannabis products necessitates educated technicians, hygienic conditions, and safe handling techniques.

Industrial dry steam cleaners can assist with keeping lab and cannabis processing equipment sanitary for the safety of workers and clients. Usually, the harsh chemicals used to clean the equipment and lab leave noxious fumes and take more time to remove the residue. Allow your workers to spend more time producing quality products instead of removing grime with dangerous chemicals by switching to a dry steam cleaning solution.

HVAC system equipment such as coils and vents catch aerated particles and, if not meticulously cleaned, can generate harmful molds or mildew, spreading the spores throughout the facility. Furthermore, strong chemicals can clean reusable filters but can have negative side effects and are more expensive than dry steam cleaning.

How Industrial Steam Cleaning Can Help

Heat and water are required to clean and sterilize surfaces and equipment. Dry steam is an extremely effective and safe way to reduce allergens including seeds, nuts, fats, oils, grime, and seasoning on surfaces that could potentially send them airborne and cause reactions in workers.

Using a portable steam generator or a fixed clean steam process generator will allow you to remove filth from the equipment while also eradicating the following contaminants on contact: 

  • Molds
  • Mildew
  • Some viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Listeria
  • Microorganisms 

There are additional advantages to the dry steam solution, such as a compact design, no venting or steam pipes required, changeable flow rates, and no need for combustible fuels.

When used in grow rooms, dry steam systems can achieve moisture levels of 6% or less, helping you maintain your set humidity level. The generator’s adjustable settings ensure that no additional water is left on tables or floors, creating a hazardous situation, harming sensitive equipment, or leaving an area that may promote growth.

Benefits of Using Steam Generators

Consider converting from hard chemical cleaning to dry steam generators for economical, economic, and safety reasons. First, after initial setup, water is less expensive than purchasing harsh chemicals on a continuous basis. Workplace injury and illness may also be reduced due to the reduction in use of harsh chemicals. Second, strong chemicals are often not environmentally safe and may endanger the quality of your plants, the surrounding area, and the facility’s air quality. Finally, the safety of the employees and the customers who use the product is of the highest importance. It is critical to reduce trace chemicals throughout production and manufacturing, and dry steam cleaning provides this option.

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