There are many advantages to electric steam generators. They offer substantial power combined with easy installation and simple use, making them appealing for a variety of different environments and applications. Electric steam generators are also quiet, clean, and relatively small in size compared to dual-fuel generators. Since they don’t require flammable fuel, there’s less mess, no exhaust, no need for flues or long piping runs from boiler rooms as these units, in most cases, can be installed close or next to the point of use.

What Are Electric Steam Generators Used For?

Electric steam generators are highly versatile and can be used in any application that requires a reliable source of process steam or even clean steam. Many different industries utilize electric steam generators for their cost-effectiveness, reliability and inherent safety. Electric boilers also use significantly less water than other systems and require zero treatment chemicals – without sacrificing power or performance.

Low Pressure Electric Steam Generator

Potential applications for electric steam generators may include:

Electric Steam Generators vs. Dual-Fuel Generators

When it comes to choosing a generator, not all options are created equal. Dual-fuel generators have quite a few disadvantages that often make them a less preferable choice when compared to electric steam generators.

For example, dual-fuel generators require significantly more maintenance and have much shorter lifespans. This leads to negative financial impacts in the form of downtime, maintenance and replacement costs. Dual-fuel generators are also fairly large. This makes them less versatile, as they require installation in a boiler room and take up a great deal of floor space.

Additionally, dual-fuel generators aren’t always reliable even when they’re functioning at their best. These machines run fossil fuel sources that may be reduced or disrupted due to natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances. Natural gas and other flammable fuels emit carbon dioxide and can be explosive, so regular fuel line inspection and maintenance is typically required. Electric steam generators emit no CO2 or other gasses except water vapor.

Advantages of Electric Steam Generators

In contrast to dual-fuel generators, electric steam generators have a great many advantages that make them an ideal choice for a number of different applications. Some of these benefits include:

  • Electric steam generators offer a relatively environmentally friendly option in comparison with dual-fuel generators. In fact, electric steam generators are 98% efficient and emit no pollutants at the reduction of use. The efficiency results in a conservation of water and energy, which makes electric steam generators both green and budget-friendly.
  • Electric steam generators provide either low (0-15 psi) or high pressure (0-100 psi or higher) dry steam in less than 15 minutes from cold startup. Since they do not use fuel and don’t require any type of fuel storage, electric steam generators are also smaller than dual-fuel generators.
  • Electric steam generators are ultimately safer than dual-fuel generators because they do not make use of potentially explosive fuel.

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