Applications of Steam Generators in Bakeries

Kitchen steam generators are a beneficial tool in a variety of establishments as a method of sanitizing equipment or efficiently preparing food. In particular, steam generators are popular, cost effective tools utilized by a significant number of OEM and bakery equipment suppliers. Bakers will commonly use steam injection on bread and rolls as they are baking, a technique that helps prevent the crust from cracking, and creates an attractive, glossy crust.

To create the ideal final product, bakers must ensure they are utilizing high quality steam injection generators during the baking process. The quality of steam is determined by the volume of water droplets it contains. The lower the volume of water droplets, the higher the quality of the steam. Dry steam—that is, steam with no water droplets whatsoever—is considered the highest quality.

When choosing a steam generator for baking, electric steam generators are often the ideal choice. There are several factors that make electric steam generators appealing for a bakery setting:

  • Size
  • Convenience
  • Control
  • Versatility

As electric steam generators are quite small, they are easy to adapt to any sort of workspace and can fit into a variety of equipment. They do not require venting. Additionally, bakery equipment suppliers can plumb an electric steam generator directly to the oven, making it easier to provide high quality steam during the bake.

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Why Use Steam Generators in Bakeries?

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Use of Steam Generators in Bakeries

Kitchen steam generators have a number of benefits in a bakery setting. Unlike some other methods of cooking, steam is a consistent, reliable, and efficient way to operate the following equipment:

Steam Generator for Bakery
  • Ovens
  • Proofers
  • Steamers
  • Kettles
  • Warmers
  • Steam Tables / Bain-Maries

This amount of reliability is excellent in bakeries, where the final result depends so much on creating the correct cooking environment.

Additionally, steam generators are immensely versatile. Depending on the type of steamer, it can be either modular or freestanding, and can vary in size. This makes it possible to seamlessly incorporate a steamer into an existing bakery setup, and limits the amount of extra energy necessary. In fact, steam injection generators can be specifically installed in a way that limits the amount of ambient heat that enters the kitchen. This saves yet more energy, and is an excellent, cost-effective option for any bakery wishing to utilize steam.

At Electro-Steam, we provide high quality steam generators for commercial and industrial baking ovens. Our generators are highly efficient, producing 100% steam to ensure the best possible final product. They are suitable for any type of proof box, deck, or baking-type oven. Additionally, each of our units comes with an array of standard automatic features, such as safety valves and pressure and liquid level controllers.

Many industry leading OEMs of bakery equipment and ovens trust us to provide them with dependable steam generators. We supply the highest quality steam systems, each unique to the oven and proof box specifications of our clients.

High Quality Kitchen Steam Generators from Electro-Steam

Since 1952, we have been one of the leading suppliers of food-grade steam generators for bakery and industrial kitchen use. With adjustable pressure controls from 0-100 PSI, our equipment is designed to be compatible with any type of OEM equipment that necessitates a steam generator. Learn more about our steam systems, or contact us today to work with us on your next project.

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