Cannabis Facility Cleaning Challenges & Solutions

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Producing a high-quality cannabis product begins with ensuring that every step of the growing, harvesting, distillation, and manufacturing processes fulfill safety and sanitary standards. Most importantly, the lab where technicians extract and package cannabis for sale must be kept clean. Cleaning the equipment has traditionally been a time-consuming, labor-intensive operation involving harsh chemicals. Implementing a […]

Indirect Clean Steam Generators in Biopharma and Pharma

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Like all electric steam generators, Indirect Steam Generators effectively sterilize components by injecting clean steam into piping, autoclaves, or other laboratory and production equipment so pharmaceutical professionals can easily control conditions of their processes.   Learn more about the advantages of indirect clean steam generators, the applications of clean steam, and what to look for […]

Are You a Food Manufacturer? Don’t Miss Electro-Steam at These Events

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In the food processing industry, dry steam cleaning is the preferred method for maintaining sanitary conditions. Unlike washdown methods, which are time-consuming and use a lot of water, dry steam is highly effective and allows you to clean in cracks and crevices that wouldn’t otherwise be reachable. Because dry steam evaporates almost instantly, there’s no […]

Why Food Processing Manufacturers Prefer Dry Steam for Cleaning and Sanitizing

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While washdowns are a popular choice for cleaning debris from surfaces, this process leaves surfaces wet which can cause bacterial growth, is time consuming, and causes significant downtime. Dry steam, which is created in an industrial dry steam cleaner by heating water in a closed chamber instead of a flow-through coil, uses less water, evaporates […]